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Revit 2019 Review: The Best Updates and New Features in Revit 2019

April 12, 2018

Revit 2019 is Here.


Autodesk released the latest version of its industry-leading building modelling software yesterday, consistent with previous Revit releases that have been released mid-April each year.


The new release continues to hone in on optimizing workflows, improving on a number of features from previous versions.


The (Jedi) Revit Masters on our team have been playing around with the new Revit release like it’s Christmas morning, so we’ve got a pretty decent sample of first impressions. 


Some comments I’ve heard from some of our team from across the room:


  • “Alright, I like it, I like it, oh – hmm.”

  • “Ok, where did they put the…okay. Why would you move that?”

  • “Wow it's about time.”


According to Autodesk, the top two requested features for Revit 2019 have now become a reality. (They say there were over 2,000 votes to add these features – strength in numbers, ladies and gentlemen.)


As might be expected from any update, the reviews are mixed, but on the whole positive. 


I sat down and took stock of what our Revit pros have to say about the new update, and compiled a list of what they seem to agree are the most notable features to Revit.


So here they are, our favorite new and updated features in Revit 2019.


(Warning: we're heading into territory where you probably shouldn't even try to explain to your spouse why these things are exciting. Just tell him/her you're happy. That's all they care about.)




New Features In Revit 2019


Opening Act

Addition of the "Or" Variable in Filters


Support for Multiple Monitors

Double Fill Patterns

Levels in 3D

Uncropped Perspective Views

Split Railings

Piping Improvements

Steel Design Improvements

IFC4 Support

Enhanced Rebar Features

Precast for Revit API

Extended Global Capabilities

Final Verdict




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